What a Fool Believes

I was reading Paul Krugman’s column “There Will Be Blood,” and my first thought was just what a fool he is. How could this man win a Nobel Prize in Economics? Or, does the fact he won one tell you all you need to know about what winning the Nobel Prize really means?
Let’s start with his opening premise: because Alan Simpson was appointed co-chairman of Obama’s special commission on deficit reduction, he must be serious. While he studied economics, it apparently didn’t include a course in logical reasoning, but I know logic goes out the window with liberals feeling politically vulnerable.

Substantively, in this column, Mr. Krugman’s partisanship is overflowing the cup. With comments like “Republicans will try to blackmail the president…” and “The fact is one of our two great political parties has made it clear that it has no interest in making America governable…” demonstrate this. Mr. Krugman knows his readers lack logical and deductive reasoning skills and continues with invalid arguments.

Mr. Krugman, might it be that the Republicans don’t believe that the Democrats are pushing the country in the right direction? Mr. Krugman, does your definition of cooperation only include situations in which Republicans cave to the desires of the NY Times editorial staff, the president, Pelosi, Reid and you? Where is the recognition that the Republicans overwhelmingly defeated the Obama agenda in the November elections? I have yet to hear the White House say it heard the people and will change course to conform to their wishes. Instead, we hear that the messaging was wrong.

Many of us did not go to the Ivy League, but we certainly do read and analyze the data. What we know is that socialism doesn’t work. Never has, and never will. It always fails when the majority of the people decide that they can do better taking from the government than working on their own. Further, the structural issues with government employees’ pensions and post-retirement benefits at local, state and federal levels ensure that the middle class will be paying for the excesses of liberal government policies for generations.

We see the states that are bankrupt, and they are run by Krugman and his likes. The supposed intelligent have ignored facts and instead continue down paths that historically have already been traveled and proven fruitless. They learn nothing from these experiences only lament that they didn’t spend enough. Evidence has it that this whole crisis and recession was caused by policies espoused by the big-government Democrats and Republicans. Yet, the “intelligent, all-knowing” never change course because that would be admitting they were wrong, and, worst of all, relinquish power over the electorate.

If someone in congress finally stands up for us, then fantastic. If not, then there will be another wave in 2012 that throws more of the big-government crowd out. I would say it’s time to make those that caused the problem actually pay for it. I propose a special tax on the politicians equal to 55% of the increase in their net worth since being in government. After all, isn’t that really our money going to them?

Economist and weathermen are the only professions where you get paid to be constantly wrong. Using the deductive reasoning of Mr. Krugman, he’s still getting paid so he must be wrong.