Who Needs a Congress?

For all of the people who are clamoring about a do nothing congress, who really needs them? You have the administration enacting new laws everyday without congressional consent. And we wonder where our liberty has gone to?

Oh sure, they have to post these to the Federal Register, there’s a comment period, and then the final regulations become law. Welcome to the shadow government that you have no say in.

“Our immigration laws are broken.”

We keep hearing that from the president and others on the Democratic side of the political coin, but in reality, the law is only broken because it is not enforced.

We tried comprehensive immigration reform in 1986 with many of the same characters writing that law now saying it is broken. Before we agree to change the existing law, let’s define what is wrong with the current law, in detail, and then ask Sen. Shumar, Sen. Reid et al how they got it so wrong in the 1980s. We should exclude any suggestions they have since they have proven themselves incapable of solving this problem.

Immigration..Now What?

So, the president has decided that millions of people who are not citizens and have broken our laws get to stay and work. But, his policies continue to push down the economy and job creation anywhere but the public sector.

What are we to do now? There are no elections coming any time soon to change the presidency, nor are the republicans willing to do whatever it takes to stop this affront to the citizens. So back to the question: Now What?

Obama Administration and Lies: What to Do?

Jon Gruber is all over the conservative media. Clips from his speechs from 2001 forward all point to what conservatives have called lies with respect to the Obama adminstration statements on Obamacare. As expected, the MSM is dismissing the criticism and mostly focusing the public’s attention on the conservative reaction. The question is: what will the country do about this? Will there be protests in front of journalist’s homes? The new execs? Or, will the conservatives just carry on like usual and declare a moral victory?

USA Today: GOP Senator warns of violence after immigration order

Susan Page has a post on Tom Coburn’s comments regarding expected executive action on immigration reform. In the article, she says “He says changes in immigration policy require passage by Congress, not just the president’s signature — a charge the White House disputes and on which legal experts disagree.” Is she inferring that the legal experts disagree with Coburn, the White House or among themselves?

So, What is Happening to the Stock Market?

Seems that anyone who has been following the actual economy and not the government propaganda reports expected the stock market to fall. Their view of the economy just doesn’t support such lofty valuations of companies.

Yesterday, the market started off way down and talking points from Fed members said they would continue pumping and the market recovered. Today, the market got a shot in the arm due to the ECB saying it would begin asset purchases in the next few days.

Can someone explain to me how having the central banks load up their balance sheets is a good idea?