States v. Washington, D.C.: Is it time for the divorce?

I’m a devot federalist. I have been since I came of voting age during the Reagan administration. I have firmly believed my whole life that the problem with the country is the concentration of power in Washington. It is there that the complex web or laws, regulations, administrative rules, etc. are enacted upon the people and businesses in the country. It is also there where members of the ruling class exempt themselves from very rules and regulations we must live under. They continue to provide themselves with benefits in excess of the value they deliver to us.

Many of the states are controlled by the same mindset that controls Washington, i.e. we, the government, will provide for all of your needs and wants. However, those of us in the country class know that this enabling cannot continue without severe ramifications to the economy and the American culture.

Our country is built upon the rock of self-reliance. We provide charity to those in need, but this charity is (and should be) provided outside of the control of government. Once the government controls charity and provide the majority of the people the very sustenance required to survive, we will have lost the culture war and the nation.

The current ruling class seems bound and determined to ensure we lose the America we were suppose to be. Due to that, I believe it’s time for a divorce. The only question seems to be: Will this be a peaceful or violent divorce? Either way, I’m in.