Juan Williams v. NPR

I have always like Juan Williams. Despite the fact he is a liberal (and wrong), I always enjoy reading his writings and watching him debate conservatives. Can you believe that NPR terminated his contract for simply stating his opinion on Fox News.

You always hear that conservatives don’t want debate, if conservative are elected, there go our rights, etc.

Well, it certainly seems from all the trash on the curb that NPR has been trying to stiffle the opinions of Juan for quite some time. I thought NPR was for free speech and open debate. I guess not. It is quite telling that NPR fires Juan the day after it is reported the Soros gave them a large sum of money.

I certainly hope that Justice investigates this silencing of free speech by NPR. Maybe, that will mean the end of our funding of this fraudulent conveyor of  free speech. The reality is, NPR is one more liberal organization trying to silence everyone who disagrees with them.

Not something our tax dollars should support.