Supreme Court Upholds Obama Care

Today, we learned that the Supreme Court held that Obama care was constitutional based upon the fact it was a tax, an argument the administration said it didn’t agree with.

So, we have the Supreme Court making arguments for the administration to advance the administration’s policy. Anyone besides me see an issue with that?

All I know, is this means war. We need to destroy the political class rob them of all their precision retirement and health benefits they provide themselves with our money. It’s time to destroy that cancer called Washington from the map and start all over.

It’s time to take action folks. Kick every politician out and only elect those who will agree to reduce spending, cut benefits for themselves as members of government and reduce the retirement benefits for all other federal workers.

This represents two separate attacks on WE the people. It’s time to fight back.

Updates later.

The President Spiking the “I killed Osama” Ball

Why would a sitting president make such a big deal over the anniversary of the killing of a foe? Because he has nothing else.

The media is upset because the One never received a permanent bounce for the killing of Osama. Is this really a surprise?

People live in the economy not the wars we are executing. To borrow Carville’s line: It’s the economy stupid.

I be the MSM didn’t know he was talking to them.

The President on Student Debt

President Obama was giving a speech to a bunch of college kids on Tuesday. He complained about the fact that the average student has $25,000 in student loans. However, you never hear him complain about the $100,000 in debt owned by the taxpayers of this country as a result of government overreach.

NBC: Trayvon Martin call was “mistake, not deliberate”

Reuters has a story in which the president of NBC News says their decision to air the edited version of the Zimmerman 911 was was a mistake, not deliberate. Really?

What is editing of interviews/phone calls, but a deliberate reduction in the volume of data contained in the work being edited. This is further evidence that those supposedly “intelligent” and “professional” members of the MSM, are neither intelligent or professional.

Oh, Come On Mr. President

I’m not the president’s biggest fan, but even I have to laugh at his rediculous comments regarding his healthcare bill and the Supreme Court.

In case you missed it, at a press conference, he responded to a question regarding the case before the Supreme Court. He went on to provide reasons why the Court should hold that his legislation is constitutional. Every one of his arguments was an emotional argument, not a legal argument. And he was a constitutional law professor?

Later, he created his own definition of judicial activism. He correctly stated that conservatives hate judicial activism, but judicial activism to a conservative is not striking down a law as unconstitutional. It is creating law from the bench, i.e. Row v. Wade where the court simply made up its own rule on when life starts.

Trayvon Martin Shooting

You now have the third “news” agency coming forth and admitting that their reporting of the Trayvon Martin shooting was incorrect. You already had NBC News admit to doctoring the 911 tape of Zimmerman. I know my opinion of Zimmerman being guilty of murder changed once I heard the whole 911 call rather than the doctored one. Is he guilty of murder or was the homicide self-defense? I don’t know. We’ll need the facts to come out before we judge.

Why would a “news” agency do it? To help their horrible ratings? If that’s the reason, then they should be investigated for inciting racial violence. Since the airing of the doctored recording, there have been several instances of retaliation by blacks against whites with the latest being an elderly white man supposed beaten by two black youths. These victims should sue NBC News for their deliberate and dispicable act which directly led to their being harmed.


The Real Travesty of the Martin Shooting

We have another black youth dead as a result of violence. Was the homicide a murder or self-defense? We don’t know yet.

What we do know is that the New Black Panther Party, the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have made large statements that this was murder. They concluded this based upon apparently falsely edited tapes and other misrepresentations by national news agencies. But, their main reason for making so much noise in this case is to push the race angle. The shooter, Zimmerman, is a hispanic or as some have referred to him as a white hispanic.

The facts about black youth deaths is that a black youth is substantially more likely to be killed by another black than by a white. As a matter of fact, a white person is more likely to get killed by a black person than vice versa. But, that doesn’t fit the narrative established by the race industry and the national news agencies.

The real travesty is that the only reason the Martin shooting is making it to the national news services is because of the race of Zimmerman. If Zimmerman was black, we would never about this case. That fact alone says a lot about us as a culture today, and what it says is not good.

Race is irrelevant to this case. We have another teenager killed as a result of violence. Whether the homicide is justified or not, we’ll have to wait on the facts, but that doesn’t change the fact that a teenager was killed before his life could really begin. This is today’s America. Ain’t it great?


What did Bob Beckel Admit?

This hasn’t been reported in the MSM or even other conservative sources. On the January 18, 2012 The Five on Fox News, Beckel said the following:

“We liberals made a terrible mistake going back 30 years ago. We made a dependent society because we thought we were doing the right thing. We had things like public housing and we had welfare payments and all that bred dependency, and it was our responsibility, we did it for the right reasons, we need to change that. But the way you change it is not to say that it’s an opportunity society alone that’s gonna do it. It’s gonna require some government intervention. That’s our point.”

So, Beckel admits that the liberals were wrong with the “Great Society” programs from thirty years ago. However, he also spouts the liberal mantra: don’t judge me on the results of my policies, only on my good intentions. Well, the road to hell is littered with the good intention of liberals. It is about time the results of their policies are measured and examined. Hold them accountable for results and watch the change.

Dept. of Labor v. Real Economy

Friday, the Dept. of Labor reported that the unemployment rate was down to 8.3% in January with a supposed 243,000 jobs added. However, if you really look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, you will find something totally different.

The raw numbers show that there were 130 million jobs in December and only 128 million jobs in January, give or take a couple hundred thousand either side. How can that be? Well, they are manipulating the number of jobs to drive the rate down for the election. Rush was right again.

Another interesting take can be found at The Economic Collapse Blog. It has a bunch of questions that reporters should be posing to the president and the mainstream media as they beat the economy is improving drum.

Are You Sick of Hearing About Warren Buffet?

I think I have Buffet overload. Between the SOTU address, Buffet’s various interviews, I really don’t want to hear that his tax rate needs to be higher. What is stopping him from paying 35%, 50%, or 75% of his taxable income to the U.S. Treasury? Nothing. It’s not illegal, and I can even provide him with the wire transfer instructions to do so. Why then do we constantly have to hear about it? Well, Obama and the Democrats need their populist ally and Warren like media attention.