Harry Reid: Nevada, can’t you do better than that?

Harry Reid’s latest version of spirits in the night hit the stands. The Senate’s ranking Democrat and liar continues to open his mouth and embarrass the nation. His current target is Mitt Romney. According to Harry, a person at Bain Capital called Harry and said that Mitt hadn’t paid taxes in over 10 years which is why he won’t release more tax returns.

How much sense does that make to a rational person? This isn’t Mitt’s first run at the White House, so if this information was accurate, it would have come out earlier.

This isn’t Dirty Harry’s first attempt at this rather malicious tactic from the Democrat playbook. It starts back in the 1980’s with the disgraced former Democrat from Texas Jim Wright. The seriousness of the allegations against Bush I required that they be investigated. The corrupt media and government keep pushing this meme

I realize today’s youth haven’t educated very well by the government schools. I realize they don’t know history of where the U.S. stands in history, but the constant push against any Republican by the media should be viewed skeptically by the rational human.

Hey, all the fair minded people of Nevada, can’t you do better than this? It’s getting like Massachusetts was with Kennedy. I know you guys don’t want him back in your state, but come on. Why should the rest of us have to hear him?

Why Obama Doesn’t Get It

By now, everyone has heard about or seen the video of Obama parroting Elizabeth Warren’s communistic rant relating to successful people. Him saying it doesn’t really surprise me because it is what he really thinks. He was raised by communists, educated by communists and is a communist. He believes that government is the end all be all of existence.

To understand why Obama doesn’t get capitalism, one merely has to read his books and see how he was raised. As he said, he spent a lot of time smoking pot and snorting blow and didn’t have to work at Colombia or Harvard. He didn’t have to write anything to be a member of the law review. He was given so much help that he must assume that everyone gets that much. Well, we don’t.

Business owners may not have paved the roads, but there wouldn’t be a need for paving roads if it were for the needs of business. Government didn’t come first, the business did.

Anderson Cooper: I’m Gay. Yeah, so What?

What has it come to with people? So, you have to tell people your gay. Does that mean you get a medal? Is there some special dispensation you receive for being gay?

The country’s in a world of hurt with a financial time bomb awaiting the future generation, and it’s “news” that Cooper is gay?

We are wasting the good fortune passed on to us by our forefathers. Instead, we have a celebrity focused media that feeds upon itself and we get stories like this.

This might be important to him, but I really don’t care. Deliver a good work product and I’ll watch you, gay or not. Don’t, and I won’t.

The Opra was successful until she decided being Black and a Barrack supporter was more important than her audiance. The samething happened the first go around with Ellen. Now, with her own show focused on what she is, funny, is successful.

We don’t care about your personal life and who you have sex with. Get it?

Does the Constitution Stop Where the Internal Revenue Code Starts?

Glenn Reynolds said that one of his profs always said that the Constitution stops where the IRC starts.

As evidence of this, the recent Supreme Court decision on Obamacare can be read to give congress unlimited power to make citizens do anything. I’ll leave it to the scholars to decide that, but, if the Taxing power can be said to be that all encompassing due to the Court’s decision, then we need to call a constitutional convention to amend the Article 1 and limit it.

This government has exceeded its Constitutional authority and is spending/committing us to insolvency. The time has come to overthrow it.

They don’t respect us or our freedoms. They believe they are superior to us and only care about their power. Time to limit it and run all the bums out on a rail. Tar and feathering is called for. It’s time for a new Declaration of Independence day, and the 4th of July would be a great time to start.

Was Roberts Intimidated into His Vote?

Much was written in various legal blogs about whether Roberts changed his vote due to the political pressures. If Roberts did change his mind due to the pressures, and we find out, well, he really doesn’t know what intimidation is yet. We are the majority in this country. Go to any poll, and the majority of people self-identify as having conservative leanings. The liberals are a minority, but they control the MSM. They all believe they are so smart, and denigrate us and our beliefs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting tired of this and it’s time to end it. We need to start playing the game under the rules of war. The other side is and we always try to stay above the fray.

Well, if this is Roberts’ MO, then we need a change. Let the intimidation games begin.

Supreme Court Upholds Obama Care

Today, we learned that the Supreme Court held that Obama care was constitutional based upon the fact it was a tax, an argument the administration said it didn’t agree with.

So, we have the Supreme Court making arguments for the administration to advance the administration’s policy. Anyone besides me see an issue with that?

All I know, is this means war. We need to destroy the political class rob them of all their precision retirement and health benefits they provide themselves with our money. It’s time to destroy that cancer called Washington from the map and start all over.

It’s time to take action folks. Kick every politician out and only elect those who will agree to reduce spending, cut benefits for themselves as members of government and reduce the retirement benefits for all other federal workers.

This represents two separate attacks on WE the people. It’s time to fight back.

Updates later.

The President Spiking the “I killed Osama” Ball

Why would a sitting president make such a big deal over the anniversary of the killing of a foe? Because he has nothing else.

The media is upset because the One never received a permanent bounce for the killing of Osama. Is this really a surprise?

People live in the economy not the wars we are executing. To borrow Carville’s line: It’s the economy stupid.

I be the MSM didn’t know he was talking to them.

The President on Student Debt

President Obama was giving a speech to a bunch of college kids on Tuesday. He complained about the fact that the average student has $25,000 in student loans. However, you never hear him complain about the $100,000 in debt owned by the taxpayers of this country as a result of government overreach.

NBC: Trayvon Martin call was “mistake, not deliberate”

Reuters has a story in which the president of NBC News says their decision to air the edited version of the Zimmerman 911 was was a mistake, not deliberate. Really?

What is editing of interviews/phone calls, but a deliberate reduction in the volume of data contained in the work being edited. This is further evidence that those supposedly “intelligent” and “professional” members of the MSM, are neither intelligent or professional.

Oh, Come On Mr. President

I’m not the president’s biggest fan, but even I have to laugh at his rediculous comments regarding his healthcare bill and the Supreme Court.

In case you missed it, at a press conference, he responded to a question regarding the case before the Supreme Court. He went on to provide reasons why the Court should hold that his legislation is constitutional. Every one of his arguments was an emotional argument, not a legal argument. And he was a constitutional law professor?

Later, he created his own definition of judicial activism. He correctly stated that conservatives hate judicial activism, but judicial activism to a conservative is not striking down a law as unconstitutional. It is creating law from the bench, i.e. Row v. Wade where the court simply made up its own rule on when life starts.