Paul Ryan = Nancy Pelosi?

@RepPaulRyan was caught doing his best Pelosi imitation on the trade bill. While I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet, I do believe he supports the trade bill, just like the immigration bill. How can a member of congress uphold his oath if they can’t read a bill and yet votes for it? Something is terribly wrong when that happens.

George Stephanopoulos – Political Hack Not Journalist

The only people who think George Stephanopoulos is a journalist are liberals. He’s a journalist as much as Rush Limbaugh is and you don’t see Rush moderating political debates of presidential candidates.

Stephanopoulos should have been removed from all such engagements just for serving in a Democratic administration. How could he possibly be impartial?


What happens to all the people who have put in their years of work at local, state and national agencies when governments can’t get anyone to buy their bonds?

The central banks have worked very hard to create the Keynesian utopia we know will never happen. With deflationary pressures mounting by the day due to the misallocation of investment due to the intervention, you will have a failure of the economic system. The question is when.