What Just Happened?

We just witnessed the reelection of the most liberal president in my 50 year life. He ran a campaign of personal destruction of Mitt and the majority of those voting bought it. Why?

Why do the voters expect a socialist to make the economy better when in fact they want to keep people dependent on them?

Why did 3 million Republican voters stay home instead of voting?

Why are there women who believe that the Republican Party supports rape when the only accused rapist on the national stage is Bill Clinton, who the women love?

The is the American conundrum.

The American Sheeple

I have many friends who graduated from Ivy Leagues schools that are Obama supporters. For the life of me, I don’t understand why.

They may have majored in liberal arts, so perhaps math, economics and accounting weren’t in the curriculum they chose to study. But, at some point, you live life and understand the basics of economics. You personally suffer through debt crises where you outspend your earnings and face an insurmountable level of debt.

Why can these people not see that this is happening to our nation? They continue to buy the class rhetoric thrown around by the Democrats that taxing the rich solves all the problems. But, if they simply stopped, took out a pencil and piece of paper and did the math, they would see that the equation doesn’t work. They could take 100% of the wealth, not income but wealth (i.e. everything they own for those of you in Rio Linda), of the Forbes 400 richest people and not come close to covering the government’s current year’s deficit, much less paying down the outstanding debt. Even worse, you can only steal their wealth one time. After that, the government’s income drops because the rich no longer have the means to earn income as their wealth has been stolen.

Now, I could go on to quote Obama and his “I want to fundamentally change America” and say what he has done has in fact change America. Or, that he wrecked the economy on purpose to pursue his personal goal of getting even with American and its history and bringing America down to the Venezuela’s of the world. However, doing so only drives the other side to reject you as a cook. So, forget all of that stuff my liberal friends and focus on my challenge to you.

Show me the math. Show me how it works in a way in which our children and grandchildren will not have to pay 70%+ in taxes on their income to pay for debts we’re running up. Keep the math simple so everyone can follow along. To borrow a phrase from Dirty Harry, “Go ahead. Make my day.”

We now welcome you back to reality.

The What Are You Going to Do For Me Generation

In today’s Parade, there is an interview with the Romneys. One of the questions was from a stay at home mom wanting to know what Romney was going to do to make her life better.

The question should be: What is she going to do to make her life better.

Wanting someone else to make your life better rather than taking a stake in your own life to make it better.

That questions shows what’s wrong with the United States today. The question itself is un-American at least in the country I grew up in. Have we come to the point where everyone is expecting the government to take care of them and make their lives better? If so, we’re finished.