Obama’s Trickle-Up Fairy Dust

At a campaign stop on Saturday in Chicago, Obama welcomed Paul Ryan to the race labeling Ryan as the ideological head of the Republican Party. During this portion of his remarks, Obama went on to say that he was an articulate spokesman of Romney’s vision. Obama said it was a vision “he fundamentally disagreed with.” Obama went on to say that “they have tried to sell us this trickle-down fairy dust before, and guess what? It did not work.”

Well, the President has recently said that his plans are working and had previously said that he was going to fundamentally change America. He also recently stated that he wants shared prosperity. Okay, so let’s call his views that of trickle-up fairy dust.

So, he has been in office for 3+ years, the Democrats have controlled the government for the past five years implementing part of this trickle-up fairy dust approach. How has that approach worked for the people in the middle class?

Well, fewer have jobs, fewer have healthcare, more on on government programs, everything is costing them more, and they are facing higher taxes in the future due to the overwhelming debt being accumulated by the government.

If, as he himself said, this is what it looks like with his policies working, I’ll take failure please.

Once again, Rush was right.

Why Obama Doesn’t Get It

By now, everyone has heard about or seen the video of Obama parroting Elizabeth Warren’s communistic rant relating to successful people. Him saying it doesn’t really surprise me because it is what he really thinks. He was raised by communists, educated by communists and is a communist. He believes that government is the end all be all of existence.

To understand why Obama doesn’t get capitalism, one merely has to read his books and see how he was raised. As he said, he spent a lot of time smoking pot and snorting blow and didn’t have to work at Colombia or Harvard. He didn’t have to write anything to be a member of the law review. He was given so much help that he must assume that everyone gets that much. Well, we don’t.

Business owners may not have paved the roads, but there wouldn’t be a need for paving roads if it were for the needs of business. Government didn’t come first, the business did.

America in Decline

MARK STEYN has an article that hits home many things about the U.S. Read the whole thing.

Many of us fear the debt burden and its impact on our competitiveness worldwide. We’re mortgaging the future of the country class to pay for the sins of the ruling class.

Will we take our first step in stopping this on November 2nd? I don’t know, but if we don’t, we’re finished.