So, What is Happening to the Stock Market?

Seems that anyone who has been following the actual economy and not the government propaganda reports expected the stock market to fall. Their view of the economy just doesn’t support such lofty valuations of companies.

Yesterday, the market started off way down and talking points from Fed members said they would continue pumping and the market recovered. Today, the market got a shot in the arm due to the ECB saying it would begin asset purchases in the next few days.

Can someone explain to me how having the central banks load up their balance sheets is a good idea?

Saving the Republic and Getting Money Out of Politics

Mark Levin is correct. There is only one way to save the republic, and that is for the states to resume their position as a party to it. In the Constitution, the states and the people are what were important. There was no such thing as a direct democracy in the eyes of our founders since all democracies end up failing due to a failure of the central government.

We are looking at the same thing with the continued expansion of Fabian socialism for the past 100 years. Once the direct election of senators was implemented, the central government had all it needed to arrest control from the people. Add to it the expansion of the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, and you have our current state of government. Laws are passed not by the legislature but by this administrative state that is accountable to no one.

Levin’s Liberty Amendments lays out the process to secure the return of our constitutional republic and, eventually, the removal of money from politics. With Senators beholden to the states, expansion of federal power will cease and the money will eventually dry up in the center.

Obama – The Chief of Contempt for the USA

Is there a president who has shown more contempt for the USA, its values, its people than Obama? Forget for a moment all of the speeches in which he shows his chops as a member of the “hate America first” crowd. While those were many and well documented by the conservative media and talk shows, what is worse is his willingly bringing into the USA foreigners with illnesses that kill you or hurt our children. With the mystery virus infecting children and known to be coming from the flood of illegal immigrants across our borders to now Ebola, I can’t think of a worse thing to do to citizens of a country you’re charged with protecting.

He had demonstrated he has the chops to do what the fabian socialist have always wanted to do: bring down the USA. The only question is are we so weak and beaten down by political correctness that we will allow that to happen?

VA Hospital Scandal – Precursor of Obamacare

Want to see what your healthcare will be under Obamacare? You need to look no further than the current VA Hospital scandal now engulfing the Obama Administration. It appears that death panels were in full-fledged operation as they decided not to treat people due to a cost/benefit analysis.

As with anything run by the government, where do the families go seeking justice? To conflicted administrative law judge or civil court system? We have already seen how our “impartial” Supreme Court bent over backwards to allow the federal government to do basically whatever they want, so do we really think justice will prevail?

Let’s Jail Politicians Who Lie

Professor Lawrence Torcello, assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, recently wrote an essay on a British website The Conversation “that climate scientists who fail to communicate the correct message about ‘global warming’ should face trial for ‘criminal negligence.’”

I have a better idea. How about jailing members of Congress who knowing lie and intentionally tell falsehoods. The most recent example as reported by Aces of Spades Blog would be Nancy Pelosi’s comment that many of her Republican friends keep “blabbing to her the Republican’s secret racists plans.”

One of her spokespeople had to clarify the statement that she heard this from a person who heard it from a person in the Irish immigration lobby. This type of lie has helped destroy the people’s confidence in our nation and what it has to offer. This type of speech is much more harmful than anything a climate change denier could ever do to our nation.

The Left’s Maffia

What is clear from what happened with the CEO of Mozilla, is evidence of the left/gay maffia. They are trying to squelch debate, free speech and any discent. Try to engage with one whether that is on Twitter or other social media or in person, and you will find out what they really want.

Shut up and we will leave you alone. Stop trying to debate us or stop us and we will leave you alone.

Fascism is back and it resides on the left. We should not let this stand.

The last time it did, we know what happened.

Mozilla’s CEO Firing

I really thought that the nation would get past this, but, with the Mozilla CEO’s firing, clearly this isn’t going to happen. The fascists on the left have won this phase of the cultural war, and we were wrong to let it go without response for so long.

The power of good intentions seems to outweigh the real-world outcomes of actions taken by people. One day, the country will turn back and focus on results, success, etc. Until then, we must start pushing back twice as hard.